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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Innovation is Coming

From the "Hey, maybe this will stifle some of those HST grumbles" file, comes word that the Government of Ontario and the City of Guelph has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in regards to the City's plan for the Guelph Innovation District. Now off the top, an MOU sounds a bit like when you tell your buddy that you'll get the next round when he buys your beer, but you say you've got to get home before it comes to that, but apparently, this is big news.

"The MOU signed today commits a portion of provincially-owned land in the district to the city’s plan to create this new, innovative employment area," said a joint press release. "This is part of the province’s Open Ontario Plan to help create clean, green jobs and support innovation."

But don't take some faceless press release's word for it:

“Moving Ontario toward a cleaner, brighter, more prosperous future is not only about generating new renewable energy, but about fostering research and innovation in cities like Guelph," said Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, who was actually in town for the announcement. "Today’s MOU signifies our commitment to working with the city of Guelph to bring an Innovation District to life on these lands.”

“Guelph residents will welcome this Memorandum of Understanding which sets out a joint vision for the future development of the provincial lands in Guelph’s York District," said our own MPP Liz Sandals. "The Guelph Innovation District plan brings together an exciting blend of green jobs, cutting edge innovation, and environmentally-friendly places to live and do business that will benefit our community for years to come.”

“Home to as many as 5000 people and 10,000 jobs, these lands will bring together the best and brightest minds to address provincial and global environmental and technological challenges," said Mayor Karen Farbridge. "As a carbon neutral LEED-Neighbourhood, this urban village will demonstrate new approaches and technologies to manage the urban environment redefining our experience of city living.”

The end game: The City of Guelph anticipates the District will accommodate 10,000 of the 32,400 jobs projected for the City by the year 2031. The Guelph Innovation District is bounded by York Road, Victoria Road South, the York-Watson Industrial Park and the City’s southern border and almost half of it is owned by the province.

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