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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Slate Grows....

So it appears that my prediction that things on the municipal ballot would be relatively quiet through to the end of summer was a wee bit off with several new additions to the slate of candidates in just the last week.

First, veteran councillor Gloria Kovach became the name on the first hat thrown into the ring for Ward 4 when she announced a few days. ago The same day Peter Bortolon joined the growing race for Ward 1 and was joined one day later by Gary Walton. This brings the total of candidates running in the Ward 1 race up to seven.

And last week, Leanne Piper joined her Ward 5 incumbent Lise Burcher on the ballot by officially declaring her nomination. So far, Piper and Burcher are the only candidates in Ward 5.

Below is the (new) complete ballot:

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