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Monday, August 2, 2010

More 2010 Election Moves

With the holiday weekend winding down it seems like a good time to take stock again of the 2010 Municipal Election. Here's the ballot as it stands so far:

WARD 1 - By far, it's the most competitive with a total of eight announced candidates running so far, and I have it on good authority that there may be a ninth later this week. That's almost the total number of candidates running in all the other wards combined, and the remaining incumbent, Bob Bell, has still yet to announce.

WARD 2 - Andrew Colwill, who also ran in the last municipal election (finishing sixth at seven per cent of the vote), threw his hat back into the ring last week. The number of ward 2 candidates stands at four.

WARD 3 and 6 - Remains unchanged, with incumbents Maggie Laidlaw and June Hofland re-upping for re-election in Ward 3 and Karl Wettstein doing the same in Ward 6. His ward mate, Christine Billings, told me earlier this summer that she usually waits late to announce.

WARD 4 - Gloria Kovach announced her intention to run again on July 15th, and Mike Salisbury followed suit on July 26th.

WARD 5 - Both Leanne Piper and Lise Burcher are now officially in the race.

MAYOR - This race is still limited to Karen Farbridge and David Birtwistle

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