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Friday, July 2, 2010

Notes from a Kindred Spirit

I found it fitting that the Guelph Tribune would print this letter on Canada Day, which, unlike last Canada Day, left people who might have otherwise taken the bus to the festivities in Riverside Park, at home without a paddle, so to speak.

The letter is from Michelle M. Ransier of Guelph and it's called "Staunch supporter no more." It's about her disgruntlement with Guelph Transit, and about how, like I predicted in this week's Guelph Beat column, she's giving up on the system.

I repost her letter in solidarity becuase I think she's the rule, not the exception. While the city pats itself on the back for reshuffling management and moving forward with an all-in-one transit hub, one of the basic services it offers to citizens is going down the crapper. And no one in a position of authority to do anything about seems to give a damn.

I am writing to lodge complaints against Guelph Transit. I was, at one time, the greatest defender of this vital city service.

But, as a result of what has transpired in recent weeks, I am compelled to reverse my support. I had depended on this essential service to carry out my job as a home health care professional. In the past, I was able to do just that, diligently. However, in the recent past, this is anything but the case.

I am well aware of the fact there is a major problem in Guelph concerning the transit system, our very, very inept members of city council, the mayor included, and the bus-riding public. It's very apparent that it's those of us dependent on the transit system who are paying the ultimate price! We are caught in the crossfire! Being held hostage, so to speak.

I am sick and tired of constantly missing my transfer connections in the square, while transit operators make their point with city hall. This has nothing whatsoever to do with me or anyone else riding the transit system, and yet it is making my work life a total misery!

I am arriving late, over and over and over again, and this is taking its toll on myself and those I deal with on a daily basis – vulnerable, elderly clients.

I feel many transit operators are deliberately driving as slowly as possible. Already 10 minutes down, and stopping at Tim Hortons for a coffee? You know who you are.

I supported all of you in your cause early on in this struggle. But enough is enough. I cannot and will not tolerate any more of this nonsense.

The City of Guelph is so terribly backward and lacking in so many ways, from city hall on down. It's probably time I left Guelph and headed back to my home town.

I have had a driver’s licence for more than 25 years now, so it is high time I bought myself a car, did away with this juvenile nonsense and let Guelph Transit and city hall duke it out.

Good luck to all of you!

Michelle M. Ransier Guelph

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Anonymous said...

I agree that what this person is feeling is likely "the rule" as opposed to an exception. I take the bus regularly and I hear a lot people complaining to the drivers. I also see the negative comments on the City's facebook page and other places on the web. People who take the bus are VERY unhappy about the transit cuts.

Does the mayor use transit on a regular basis? I doubt it. How about councillors? Doubt that too. City staff? I've heard it's very few. No wonder they don't care.

As for staff of Guelph Transit - after reading the recent articles in the newspapers I'm floored by their arrogance and insensitivity.
I'm also curious as to why they didn't look at other options... like maybe cutting the Nextbus service instead until a time when it was affordable to offer it. It's never worked properly anyway, and we could have done without that easier than the buses!

And instead of cutting out transit service altogether on holidays etc., why couldn't it have been limited to i.e. once an hour. Many of the buses are on an hour route anyway?

I just don't get it.