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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weltschmerz is Back!

Gareth Lind closed shop on his weekly comic strip Weltschmerz a few months ago, odd timing since the politically-minded strip would have been ideally suited for these political times. Well, we should have known that Lind couldn't stay silent for long because last night I get an e-mail...

Hi Weltschmerz readers,

You are receiving this email because you left a comment on my site, bought my book or emailed me. Let me know if you'd prefer not to receive infrequent updates on my cartooning activities.

Although Weltschmerz has ended, I will be adding a cartoon now and then at weltschmerz.ca, where Harper explains why a prime minister who does watercolours is not worth the risk.

Thanks for reading,

So I jet over to the Weltschmerz site, and there it is: a new Harper-centric strip and a note...

Yes, I know, three months ago I said Weltschmerz is over. But now and then, I may get an idea while I'm still mulling over where my cartooning will lead me. And this is how I will get it out in the world. I don't know if Horst will pop up again. But he does have a cameo appearance on the poster for the Guelph Festival of Moving Media that I just illustrated and designed. It's posted below.

I wrote this cartoon three weeks ago, when my frustration built to a point where I felt I had no choice. But it too three weeks to get it done - and example of what happens when there's no publication deadline breathing down my back. Then, today, Stephen Harper announced a $500 tax credit for kids' art eduction. To show he really does care about the arts. It's not much money -- the most you'll actually see back is $75. But it looks good, just like the day care cheques. Harper seems to love to run a rebate, not a government.

Anyway, this made the cartoon a little less biting, my target a little less fulsome. You can see the Globe's Brian Gable talk about the speed at which issues come and go these days. And he's doing it every day, not every week or three.

Thanks to all those who have voted with their wallets by purchasing my book to express their appreciation for Weltschmerz. One reader purchased 10. You're tops, Chris! I'll think of this support when I'm staring at the ever-intimidating blank sheet of paper.

See the strip here.

Tomorrow night is, of course, the English debate for the Federal leaders. I'll be blogging live during the debate, so grab your laptop and follow along. This time, I'll be shooting from the hip. BANG!

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