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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy Sunday

The Mercury's Brad Needham posted this list on the paper's Guelph Votes blog Wednesday, and I loved it, so I felt like sharing.

Top 10 signs the election campaign, which started in Guelph on July 25, has gone on too long.

10. Prime Minister Stephen Harper almost made it to Guelph.
(Editor's Note: Remember: Wednesday, the PM did, in fact make it to Guelph)
9. NDP Leader Jack Layton has run out of Stephen Harper sweater jokes.
8. Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion is actually starting to make sensee.
7. Karen Levenson of the Animal Alliance Environment Voters party has been talking about giving a voice to animals. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is the Number 1 movie in the country. Coincidence? I think not.
6. The kids riding bikes outside Green candidate Mike Nagy’s Gordon Street office are thinking about university.
5. Independent candidate John Turmel hasn’t been arrested in weeks.
4. The NDP’s Tom King is out of stories.
3. Even Liberal Frank Valeriote would admit that getting his law degree was easier than trying to explain the Green Shift.
2. Conservative Gloria Kovach has been spotted at some all-candidates debates.
1. Even the vandals are getting bored. Guelph’s election signs have never looked better.

Anyway, in actual news, while Mike Nagy managed to score the endorsement of the Guelph Mercury last week, Tom King managed to find some press in another paper... the New York Times. King was the subject of Saturday's Profile by Ian Austen, who talks to King about his life, career and political campaign. "Now Mr. King, 65, has set aside the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s microphones to make his first foray into electoral politics," it goes in the article. "His decision to run for a seat in the House of Commons in a campaign that ends Tuesday is, in an American context, about as predictable as Garrison Keillor abandoning Lake Wobegon for a shot at Congress."

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