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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leaders take it to us, as Election comes to close

As the final weekend before the Election begins, the Royal City is getting some royal treatment again as leaders make a list ditch effort to score points.

It began today with Stephen Harper's very brief layover at Gloria Kovach's campaign office, in an appearance that was sandwiched between two others in London and Quebec. It came by long enough to greet voters, attack Dion and spark a small protest before he was on the road again.“It’s a choice between staying the course and moving forward, or throwing caution to the wind, embracing expensive schemes," said Harper. “Mr. Dion may be a professor, but he hasn’t had much luck teaching Canadians about the carbon tax.”

Tomorrow night, Jack Layton will pull into the Woolwich Arms for a pre-election push for Tom King called "Momentum: United for Change." This will be the first appearance of Layton in Guelph since an outdoor event with Naomi Klein way back on September 5th in Royal City Park. Politicos will remember that Layton was a frequent flyer in the riding during the by-election. He's scheduled to appear at the Wooly at 9 pm.

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