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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rock the Vote

We're used to seeing American celebrities stump during an election year, but not so much in Canada. Things have changed this year though, as a number of Canadian artists have stepped up to speak out against the Harper governments cuts to the arts. And now it looks like the Federal Party leaders aren't the only ones doing campaign-style tours through southern Ontario.

Here's a Press Release I got yesterday from Six Shooter Records:


Like many Canadians, Hawksley Workman is concerned about the outcome of the upcoming national election. In an effort to motivate young people to get out and vote, he’ll be making stops at campus radio stations across Ontario to talk issues with students and campus groups. There will be interviews and round table discussions, including a live broadcast from The University of Guelph on October 2.

October 2
CHRW – University of Western Ontario
CKMS – University of Waterloo
CFRU – University of Guelph

October 3
CIUT – University of Toronto
CFRE – University of Toronto (Mississauga)
CFMU – McMaster University

October 7-8
CFRC – Queen’s University
CHUO – University of Ottawa

Catch Hawksley Workman at a campus radio station near you as he travels up and down the 401 encourage students to get up and out to polling stations across the country.

Workman will be taking part in a Town Hall discussion about election issues in the University Centre Courtyard on Thursday October 2 from 4-6 p.m. Joining him on the panel will be students and members of the Guelph community including local musician and community activist James Gordon. For more information visit CFRU's website.

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