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Friday, October 10, 2008

Rae Gets Taken to School

As the election winds down, former Liberal leadership contender Bob Rae popped into the Royal City and campaigned with Frank Valeriote by taking students questions at Our Lady of Lourdes High School and then touring the Guelph Food Technology Centre at the University of Guelph. Rae said that it was a nostalgic trip for him to see the GFTC, an initiative he helped create when he was Ontario's Premier.

After a meeting with GFTC administrators, Rae toured the facility and talked to the scientists and staff members that worked there. From those brief discussions came a definite feeling that the day fit right in with Valeriote's platform of using research at the University to create jobs in town through the commercialization of that research.

Rae and Valeriote talk to a pair of scientists that work in a lab where they test various types of added flavours to beverages.

In one of the seminar rooms Rae and Valeriote are told about the thousands of other scientists and researchers that the GFTC host yearly. Here, the two men are being told about a recent conference hosted about the listeria outbreak though Maple Leaf Foods and how such an outbreak can be avoided in the future.

In this lab, scientists use the glass box on the counter to test the caps on beverage bottles to see how well they're able to stand up to punishment.

The tour ended in this lab, where small amounts of a new beverage are created for sample testing. The GFTC has numerous big name clients, including Wrigley's, who all use the capabilities of the facility to test their products or help develop new ones.

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Natalie said...

Adam, your blog is awesome, humourous, and really informative.

And I think I recognize that guy standing in front of the pop-bottle cap machine!