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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

GUELPH POLITICAST #67 - The Voices of Electoral Reform

Two protests in two weeks. Guelph hasn't been this riled up about something since the anti-Walmart days! But the passionate demands of Guelphites for electoral reform seems to have not been silenced by the apparent disinterest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to keep his campaign promises. In fact, the PM's dismissal of the issues seems to have created a new urgency.
Culled from about two hours of audio at two rallies - one on Sunday February 5 at City Hall and the other Lloyd Longfield's Cork St constituency office on Saturday February 11 - this week's Guelph Politicast is a collection of a dozen voices who believe in electoral reform, even if it's their own party (or just one that they voted for) let them down on the matter.
From Longfield in the House of Commons, to local politicians like Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner and city councillor James Gordon, to electoral reform advocates like Steve Dyck and Susan Watson, and to regular advocates like George Kelly of the Guelph Coalition for Social Justice, the message to Trudeau was clear: The ain't over. And on top of that, you will also hear from a young Conservative, who's not yet not old enough to vote, but when he does, he wants that vote to be in someway proportional.
Speaker's List:
  1. Lloyd Longfield
  2. George Kelly, Chair of Guelph-Wellington Coalition for Social Justice
  3. Susan Watson
  4. Laurie Garbutt
  5. Steve Dyck
  6. James Gordon
  7. Vera Dyck
  8. Mike Schreiner
  9. David DeWeerdt
  10. Anne Gajerski-Cauley, former NDP Candidate, Wellington-Halton Hills
  11. Brendan Hollingsworth
  12. Me
So let's head to the streets and hear from the people. Voices of Electoral Reform is the theme of this week's Guelph Politicast.

Stay tuned for coverage on electoral reform because something tells me Guelph is not going to let this go.
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1 comment:

OhSheri said...

If we can't get electoral reform, let's try to get the per-vote subsidy reinstated. A per-vote subsidy is a form of proportionality. The Harper government removed the subsidy in the Fair Elections Act. The Trudeau government did not reinstate the per-vote subsidy.

Also let's try for mandatory voting...