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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Horwath Stops in Guelph

Opening with a rousing rendition of "We Owe it to the Pioneers," James Gordon kicked off the last big event of the 2011 campaign, a visit to Guelph by NDP leader Andrea Horwath. Also in Guelph was Dufferin-Caledon candidate Karen Gventer, Wellington-Halton Hills candidate Dale Hamilton, and Halton candidate Nik Spohr. 
Horwath's stop in the Royal City was brief, to say the least. One of her handlers said that the NDP leader was making seven or eight stops today and was on a very tight schedule, so one-on-one meets, or even a media scrum, was out of the question. Rallying the team, Horwath said the important work now is to get out to the polls and vote, and to encourage everyone you know to get out to the polls and exercise their right to vote as well.
Horwath was scheduled to arrive at St. George's Square, on the patio outside Capistrano, at around 3 pm, but was about 25 minutes late. Not that the fact that Horwath was late dampened the enthusiasm of the crowd any. According to estimates from the Gordon campaign about 300 people showed up to cheer on Horwath and the local NDP. How that might translate tomorrow at the polls is still anyone's guess.
Check out a slideshow of pics below:

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