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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Cosmic Gong Show Rolls On

As I innocently went about my business this morning, in full knowledge that transit buses were being diverted to Macdonell St for an event in St. George's Square, I once again witnessed another instance of the city's managerial impotence so far as busing is concerned. 
Yes, the buses were lined up along Macdonell as advertised, but someone forgot to tell the people parked in spaces along the street that the buses were going to have to use that area on Sunday morning. The result was traffic disruption, although only slight since it was Sunday morning, but buses still had to stop out in the street, forcing cars to go around, and forcing some commuters to have to walk as far as from The Diplomat to the Guelph Mercury loading bay to get their transfer. So the Run for the Cure wasn't the only race downtown this morning. You know it's bad when even the drivers are looking at each other with shrugged shoulders.
Just over a month from the brand new route system that is supposed to make riding the bus more attractive - and just over a month after Transit hiked fares to $3, which doesn't exactly encourage first time riders - we see again that when it comes to treating public transit seriously, the city treats it like The Gong Show. If there are any explanations, I'd love to hear them.

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