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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gas Leak Plugged, People Heading Home

It was a pretty apocalyptic day in Guelph. I spent most of it in Toronto, or going back and forth to same, but this crossed my e-mail desk sometime before 1 pm earlier today:
Emergency Services and Guelph Police Services have initiated an evacuation of the Paul Street and Delhi Street area following a gas line break at approximately 11:45 this morning.
Union Gas personnel are on site and are tending to the gas line break.
As a precaution, some homes in the area have been evacuated to the Evergreen Seniors Centre on Woolwich St.
Fortunately, the whole situation was wrapped by 4:30, and everybody was allowed to head back home:
The gas line that was damaged in the Paul and Delhi Street area earlier today has now been capped and it is safe to return to the area. The evacuation is over and residents who were evacuated to the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre have been returned to their homes.
“Natural gas when released into the air is quickly diluted and once the source has been eliminated the amount of gas in the air quickly diminishes,” says Guelph’s Medical Office of Health, Nicola Mercer. “Most people not close to the source will not have any symptoms. The respiratory effects of inhaling natural gas generally occur within 30 minutes. Common symptoms could include coughing, choking, drowsiness, dizziness, headache or vomiting if a person is exposed in high concentrations. These people will need to seek medical attention. If an individual has no symptoms several hours after exposure to small amounts of natural gas they are very unlikely to suffer any health effects. The risk of health affects continues to decrease as time goes by from the original exposure to small amounts of natural gas.”
If residents in the area smell gas in their home, they are advised to leave the premises, then call Guelph Fire Department at 519-824-3232.
All's well that ends well. 

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