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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Electrical Issues Close West End Rec Centre Temporarily

But before gas was the word in pressing issues in the city today, there were electrical issues at the West End Community Centre to contend with. Here's the city's initial press release:
The electrical system at the West End Community Centre (WECC) was damaged yesterday as a result of an incident involving a contract worker who was on site installing the facility's new co-generation system.
The incident caused damage to the WECC's main electrical panel. The facility was immediately closed and will remain closed until electricity is restored.
All regularly scheduled programs at the WECC are affected until the facility re-opens. This includes aquatics, ice rentals and KidsAbility programs and activities.
City staff began phoning and emailing 900 registrants and renters yesterday to advise them of the closure. Staff will continue to contact registrants as it becomes apparent how long the facility will be closed. Members of the community are asked to visit guelph.ca for regular updates on the facility and programs.
While it's too early to tell how long the WECC will remain closed, the closure is expected to last through Wednesday at least. Staff learned this morning that the facility’s two ice surfaces could not be saved. It will take approximately a week for ice to be restored. It is possible however that the building—excluding the ice pads—will re-open before ice is restored.
Though the WECC—including the library—is closed, the fire station located in the same building remains open.
The Ministry of Labour (MOL) was on site following the incident yesterday. At the time of the incident, the work site was under the control of a third party contractor. The MOL's investigation is ongoing.
That was around 11:00. Just after 5:00 pm, the city sent this out:
City staff continue to explore all options to restore electrical power at the WECC as soon as possible
All programs and activities are cancelled until Sunday, October 16, while the facility is closed. Recreation staff are in the process of contacting all registrants and rental clients by phone and email with this update.
Fire Station #4 remains operational.
All I can say it that there are probably a few people who are glad this happened this week considering that the West End Rec Centre was used as an advanced poll and as a poll on Election Day. Well, not "glad" per se, but you know what I mean...

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