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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

YouTube Blast From The Past

As a subscriber to Retrontario's YouTube page, this little number appeared on my log-in screen today, practically screaming for my attention. Retrontario, for those of you who don't know, is a man who collects old VHS tapes of stuff people recorded off TV, and then digitizes them and posts them on You Tube. They're mostly commercials of just about every kind, from old Canadian Tire ads ("Give Like Santa, But Save Like Scrooge") to CityTV bumpers for old Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes ("Your Federation Station," bellows the late Mark Dailey).
The timing of this ad being uploaded is ideal on three counts, 1) It's from the 1985 provincial election, 2) It features a young and scrappy new leader of the New Democrats, and it features him in his first election, just two elections ahead of his eventual ascension to the Premier's office, and 3) That leader was Bob Rae, who is now, of course, interim head of the Liberal Party of Canada.
Let's roll the clip.

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