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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Election News

Also in 2014.
As I was covering the opening of James Gordon's campaign office last night, something strange occured to me: I'm about to start covering the last campaign in Guelph till 2014. 
I know. It seems weird after having three elections in less than a year that we won't be having an election again until Fall 2014, the next municipal election. That's three long years with no election news. I might not even be still doing this blog in three years (although I probably will). 
Just a little reminder to enjoy this election season while you can. And get out and vote because we'll be stuck with our three levels of government for a while from October 7th on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam
Are you going to cover all the candidates' openings or just Gordon's?

Adam A. Donaldson said...

I go where I'm invited, and if time permits, I drop by. There's really no partisan agenda.