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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yeah, it's a Correction...

So somewhere in the drunken tirade about postering in the City of Guelph, I misspoke about a certain key detail. Court Desautels, the General Manager of the Borealis Bar & Grill e-mailed me about a line in that post calling Borealis part of a chain. But while Borealis is part of a family of restaurants, it is not yet a chain, and beside the point, all the restaurants in the family - including the Woolwich Arms pub - are Guelph-based, owned and operated.
To further prove my sincerity to make amends for this oversight, I publish the following excerpt from the e-mail sent to me by Desautels:
"We (our family) have lived in Guelph for over 35 years and have been in the restaurant business for over 20 of them supporting everything local with the goal to keep our community unique and honest. We don't do this because it's trendy, we do it because it is something we deeply believe in. In fact the Wooly just celebrated its 20th anniversary and has been following that philosophy since day one! It is with overwhelming community support that has allowed us to open the Borealis Grille and Bar in December '08. A truly unique concept that will prove we can take our philosophy to the next level, not just for Guelph, but for the entire restaurant industry. From day one we have served local foods and drinks, showcased local musicians and artists and it doesn't stop there. We even built the restaurant out of local stone and wood and use only wind and water energy from Bullfrog Power. I could go on and on, so instead I urge you to check us out at: http://www.borealisgrille.ca/our-story/
For my part, I was confusing the Borealis with another establishment. So I offer heartfelt apologies and regret for the confusion, and I hope this correction, and the correction in the original post make amends to the owners and workers of Borealis.  
I will add though that despite my earlier slight and ignorance, the Borealis was known to me already as place that showcased live music from local acts. No matter the origins, we do need more places across the city - not just in the south end - to take a greater share in promoting the cultural richness of this city. Which is why when I handed in the question about how the Ward 4 candidates would promote Arts and Culture in the city at their debate, I added the extra line about "outside of downtown".
Still, mea culpa to Borealis (and my friend Candice who first pointed this out).

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