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Friday, October 1, 2010

Valeriote-Chong Superteam Strike Again

In the last few weeks, the call for Question Period to find the civility once again has gotten louder and louder. It's previously been reported how riding neighbours Frank Valeriote and Michael Chong have been working together on Chong's motion to reform the rules governing Question Period. Again Valeriote spoke in favour of it the other day, this time, from the floor of Parliament. Here's a press release from Valeriote's team.

Valeriote Speaks in Support of Motion to Reform Question Period

Ottawa- Frank Valeriote, M.P. for Guelph, passionately delivered a speech in support Motion 517 last night. The motion, bought by Michael Chong (Wellington-Halton Hills), in collaboration with members of all parties, seeks to begin a dialogue on improving Parliament’s Question Period. Valeriote was one of several
seconders. It borrows from internationally recognized best practices to improve: decorum in the House of Commons; the quality of the questions asked, and the answers provided; as well as the efficiency of Question Period to allow Members and Ministers to better maximize their time, and better serve Canadians.
This motion urges parliamentarians to embrace reform and to begin a dialogue at committee on Question Period protocols. Valeriote believes that Parliamentarians attitudes and conduct will only change if question period protocols are improved.
“We need to attack problems, not people,” Valeriote said. He continued “In so doing it is hoped that Canadians will become reengaged in parliamentary affairs, and less cynical about our ability to be meaningfully engaged with one another, the result – discussions and policy that better serve Canadians and Canadians who are more deeply engaged in our democratic process.”
Citing support for this motion from constituents in Guelph and Canadians everywhere, Valeriote added “They are tired of our conduct, of the heckling, and of the grandstanding that dominate our question period, and they are checking-out. they are disinterested in the house’s proceedings and I don’t blame them. ”
It is Mr. Valeriote’s hope that a new question period format will generate a higher level of conversation and will transform parliament into a forum where the state of our nation’s business will be better disclosed - free from name calling labels and accusations.
In his closing remarks, Valeriote had this to say “we need to begin to treat each other with greater dignity and with more respect so that Canadians can, once again, engage in our work, and so that our democracy is strengthened and made more effective.”

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