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Friday, October 1, 2010

Candidate Questionnaire - Dimitrios "Jim" Galatianos (Ward 3)

1) Why did you want to run for city council?
The city has more then $100 million worth of debt. Every time interest rates go up, even a little, it adds millions more to our debt loan. Millions of dollars the tax payer will have to be paid back but get NOTHING in return. Most of the city's revenue comes from residential taxes instead of commercial, because council is suspicious of business. That means HIGHER TAXES.

2) What do you think of the performance of the last council?
Hmmmm.....building the Transit Hub is a good idea.
Now if only they could actually own the land that they are spending money to develop, that would be great.
You do know that they are still trying to buy land that they are already developing

3) Please describe your position/ideas on the following issues:

a) Taxes
They will not go up. We have to hold the line on taxes or people will lose their homes. And if you are not going to raise taxes then you HAVE to cut spending. Something that the previous council was just not able to do.

b) Budget
Some hard decisions will have to be made and the previous council has shown they are not the ones to do it.

c) Transit
On my web page ( www.votedjg.ca ) you will see that I will only increase one item in the budget and that is transportation. Why, oh why, should anyone come to rely on the services when the previous council rendered them unreliable. It has to be made reliable and affordable. The ripple effects will be less congestion, less pollution, more life to the downtown, our seniors will not feel as isolated, low income individual and families on a tight budget will not feel trapped... The list just goes on and on. Remember, it was the last council that thought it would be a good idea to slash at this vital link.

d) Development/Infrastructure
We need to develop our commercial sector and create jobs. As infrastructure... "Enough... my car can take much more!!!" At bedtime my kids gather around me and ask me to tell them story of the old days, when you could get from one end of Guelph to the other without traffic stopping, muffler ripping, bone jarring construction. And they say with their bright innocent eyes, "will we have that again Papa."

e) Arts & Culture
There is Soooooo much potential right here and yet it never sees the light of day. I would say that it is one of the great waste of a Guelph resources.

4) Is there another issue that you’d specifically like to highlight/focus on?
Yes, the over $9 million Bag to Bin idea. Really that is what broke the preverbal camel's back for me. We just went through a summer where the city had to turn out the light and put out the "closed for business" sign because they had over spend.....I mean failed to generate enough revenue......of $8 million and then they go and do this.

5) What’s your message for voters?
Ask the incumbents if they will keep taxes down. When they give you political double speak..... Vote Dimitrios "Jim" Galatianos

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Anonymous said...

I know this gentleman, he is a descent honest honourable and hard working gentleman who says what he means and means what he says. I only wish I was a resident in his ward as I would vote for him in any situation. To me his values are unquestionable and he loves his city.