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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Candidate Questionnaire - Missy Tolton (Ward 3)

1) Why did you want to run for city council?
Because I love this city! I have no personal agenda. I wanna do what is best for Guelph and know that putting the people of Guelph first is the best way to do it.

2) What do you think of the performance of the last council?
Decisions made on council this past term lacked community input. Often city staff needs were put over the needs of city residents and overall the wrong decisions were made. We saw service cuts and nobody was accountable for anything. This isn't to say some good was done, but because there was no accountability or transparency with the current council, City residents can never really know without extensive research.

3)Please describe your position/ideas on the following issues:

a) Taxes
We need to be accountable to taxpayers. At this time, the City of Guelph is in no position to cut any taxes but we need to let the people know where there tax money is going. Commercial taxes need to be on par with other cities to ensure Guelph as a business friendly place.

b) Budget
It's all about Priorities. We can only spend what we have on what we need!

c) Transit
Needs to be more accessible. As someone who takes the bus regularly I know that this summer I was unable to schedule any work on Sundays and how much it personally effected me. There can be absolutely no cuts in transit, unless it's in the price!

d) Development/Infrastructure

e) Arts & Culture
4) Is there another issue that you’d specifically like to highlight/focus on?
The City of Guelph is an amazing city and will continue to be so. But I cannot stress enough that the city needs to be run by it's residents. We need the public voice and resident input on all decisions this term.

5) What’s your message for voters?
On October 25th get out and VOTE!!!!

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