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Friday, September 10, 2010

We've Got a Ballot

The 2010 Municipal Election is ready to roll full steam now that the nominating period for candidates is closed as of 2 pm today. As predicted, there's been a lot of movement in the last 24 hours: two more names up for mayor, an incumbent declared, another incumbent withdrawing, a ward shift and nearly a dozen people up for only two seats in Ward 1. See the complete race, including school boards, below.


Karen J. Farbridge
David C. Birtwistle
Ray H. Mitchell
Scott L. Nightingale

Ward 1

Linda A. Murphy
Seán D. Farrelly
Allan G.W. Boynton
Eugene Gromczynski
Russell Ott
Peter A. Bortolon
Gary Walton
Jim J. Furfaro
Karolyne Pickett
Bob Bell
Tamara D. Williams

Ward 2

Vicki Beard
Ian Findlay
Ray J. Ferraro
Paul J. Mahony
Andy Van Hellemond

Ward 3

June Hofland
Maggie Laidlaw
Missy F. Tolton
Mark Enchin
Dimitrios “Jim” Galatianos
Craig C. Chamberlain

Ward 4

Gloria Kovach
Mike Salisbury
Cam G. Guthrie
Steven P. Petric
Christina Boumis

Ward 5

Lise Burcher
Leanne M.C. Piper
Douglas B. O’Doherty

Ward 6

Karl Wettstein
Todd J. Dennis
Susan M. Ricketts

Upper Grand District School Board

Wards 1 and 5

Linda L. Busuttil
John W. Carpenter
Juanita G. Burnett
Mark D. Bailey

Wards 2, 3 and 4

Jennifer Waterston
Susan Moziar
Don Griffin

Ward 6 and the Township of Puslinch

S. Marty E. Fairbairn
James J. McClure

Wellington Catholic District School Board

Michael A. Ayotte
Susan G. Dickert
Marino L. Gazzola
Nancy (Nan) Anderson
Victoria F. Dupuis (Sorbara)
Sebastian J. Dal Bo

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