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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Now that's What I Call A Ballot

What a difference four days till the close of nominations makes. The ballot for the October 25th municipal election is shaping up nicely by offering all Wards a race with at least three candidates for the six districts. This is the race as of dinner time on Tuesday. For up-to-date information, check the election website at guelph.ca/vote


Karen Farbridge
David Birtwistle

Ward 1

Linda Murphy
Seán Farrelly
Allan Boynton
Eugene Gromczynski
Russell Ott
Peter Bortolon
Gary Walton
Jim Furfaro

Ward 2

Vicki Beard
Ian Findlay
Ray Ferraro
Andrew Colwill
Paul Mahony
Andy Van Hellemond

Ward 3

June Hofland
Maggie Laidlaw
Missy Tolton

Ward 4

Gloria Kovach
Mike Salisbury
Cam Guthrie

Ward 5

Lise Burcher
Leanne Piper
Susan Ricketts

Ward 6

Karl Wettstein
Christine Billings
Todd Dennis

Upper Grand District School Board

Wards 1 and 5

Linda Busuttil
John Carpenter

Wards 2, 3 and 4

Jennifer Waterston
Susan Moziar
Don Griffin

Ward 6 and the Township of Puslinch

S. Marty Fairbairn
James J. McClure

Wellington Catholic District School Board

Michael Ayotte
Susan G. Dickert
Marino Gazzola

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