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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ed Video Equipment Stolen

Some gut-punching news from my second life as a member of Guelph's filmmaking community, but it seems as if some pretty valuable equipment belonging to Ed Video was recently stolen from one of its members while they had it rented out. Here's the release for the media arts centre:

Ed Video Media Arts Centre is disheartened to announce that equipment valued at $15,700 was stolen last night from an Ed Video member in Brampton. This equipment includes both our HD cameras and all our tripods. It literally cripples this charitable artist-run centre’s ability to produce media art and cuts off one of our critical revenue streams.

We are devastated.
Ed Video does have insurance but will be facing a $1,000 deductible, which is difficult for a charity of this size to absorb. We are encouraging the public to keep their eyes open as our name is engraved on all the items and many also have silver stickers as well. Anyone with any information can reach us (519)836-9811. We don’t have the funds for a monetary reward for information but we can offer a life-time membership and other non-monetary awards. We would really like to get our equipment back.

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