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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Candidate Questionnaire - Bob Bell (Ward 1)

1) Why did you want to run again for city council?

Big decisions have to be made and I would like a say

2) What initiatives/achievements are you proud of during the last term?
Preventing the Hydro Merger with Horizon, The plan for the East Side Trail Loop, Composting Plant, Bike lanes, and Bin System

3) Please describe your position/ideas on the following issues?

a) Taxes
We will have trouble keeping them down next term because of all the money that was spent this past term

b) Budget
We need to do a better job here, forecast 3.66 per cent and having expenditures for 7 per cent, then correcting it by cutting transit and garbage collection.

c) Transit
Number one area identified for improvement

d) Development/Infrastructure
Encourage East side growth

e) Arts & Culture
Help the artists create; hold back on building big monuments

4) Is there another issue that you’d specifically like to highlight/focus on?
East end shopping is a priority

5) What’s your message for voters?
Remember to vote on the 25th of October

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