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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Blog About Another Blog

Today, the campaign was still rather quiet locally, so I thought I'd poke around and see what other local blogs had to say about the election.

I went over to Christian Conservative where he's uncovered the conspiracy of the century: Frank Valeriote might have staged a political event! Gasp! Shock! I know. But seriously, I read his article and I found the evidence rather weak. Take this for example:

"But how about when Frank asks her if she wants a lawn sign? Did you hear what he said? "I see Ronnie's got one on his lawn..." Catch that? Yea... he knows this lady's neighbours BY NAME. How would he know that UNLESS HE KNEW THIS NEIGHBOURHOOD WELL"

I don't suppose Valeriote knew the neighbour's name because HE IS A VALERIOTE SUPPORTER as evidenced by the fact that he HAS A VALERIOTE SIGN. Is it conceivable that Valeriote knew his name so he could thank him for the support if he ran into "Ronnie?"

I wasn' t going to watch the video myself, but as I read CC's dissection, I thought I had to. He first mentions Valeriote's running from door-to-door and, yeah, that was for the camera, I concede that point. They were running to show their energy and enthusiasm. So what? CC also mentioned the apparent "history" between one woman and Valeriote, but forgets the camaraderie in Guelph between people of Italian decent (she mentions the Italian thing CC, listen) and Valeriote's own laundry list of community involvement.

Could the thing have been staged? Yeah, maybe. I suppose it could have. But CC himself points out Valeriote's struggle in explaining to one constituent about the virtues of the Green Shift plan. Wouldn't something truly staged been done to cast Valeriote in an overly positive way. Sure, the Liberals research might have shown that this neighbourhood was "safe territory," but why not go to houses you know will leave you smelling like a daisy when you're through.

Anyway, it's a little pot and kettle because the Conservatives are masters of the choreographed political event. Like Stephen Harper's announcement in Kitchener yesterday in a developing sub-division to announce his proposed tax credit for first-time home buyers. NDP too, take Jack Layton's job incentive announcement in front of a closing John Deere plant in Ontario today.

I know I'm sort of harping on you, Christian Conservative (if you're reading this), and if you feel abused, I apologize. I just don't believe in creating controversy where there is none. Unlike, say, when the Agricultural Minister makes jokes about a danger to public health that has killed 19 people cross-country.

Oh, and as for that "Gotta watch out for those pesky young Tories" picture of University of Guelph Young Conservatives member Michael Sona with Ken Dryden...

Well, two can play at that game...

Yup, that's Erin Sue, News Editor of the Ontarion during my tenure as Editor-in-Chief, with the Prime Minister when he was in Guelph this past March. So, it's kind of like anyone can walk up to a politician and get their picture taken regardless of political affiliation or career... Weird.


Christian Conservative said...

Hey Adam, check my blog out again, there's more you missed... including a new post with what may be the most convinicing information yet... evidence that they hand picked one of their BEST polls for the shoot.

As for the photo... I was actually just feet away when your photo was taken. I still think my photo's better, I mean come on... wearing an anti-Dion shirt at a Dion rally? Gotta give him props for that. Now if your gal had gotten one wearing something similar, I'd have to give you the nod for having the best photo. ;-)

Jerry Prager said...

My ex-wife's father receieved the Order of Ontario at a ceremony ruled over by Mike Harris. My father-in-law was not a supporter of Mike's and his daughters knew it,(nor were they) but because their dad was a man with a sense of humour, he told Harris that his daughters would love to have the pic taken with him. Sometimes pics with politicians are not what they seem.

Jerry Prager said...

I don't think Christian Con caught the tenure of your post because he has another straw for you to grasp with him. I might have to start being kinder to him tough, because if Stephen goes Turds up he'll be very unhappy and I promised myself a long time ago to stop being cruel.

Jerry Prager said...