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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Got Mail

I saw on the news today that local politicians were chastising their federal candidates for not focusing more on local issues in their campaigns. Well, I can't say I disagree, and I take a share of guilt on that as much as anyone. Anyway, I got this today in the old e-mail and I thought I'd post it.

“Helping our seniors live in dignity”

(Guelph) – The New Democrat candidate in Guelph, Tom King, announced that as a Member of Parliament, he will work with Jack Layton to build a program to assist older Canadians to live in dignity in their homes.

King blasted the Prime Minister, saying “Stephen Harper has let down our older generation, the women and men of Guelph who built this nation. Mr. Harper voted in favour of the New Democrat’s Senior’s Charter in 2006, but instead of implementing it he made $50 billion in corporate tax cuts his priority.”

The New Democrat also pointed to the difficulties experienced by family care-givers, saying “a generation of Canadians is burning out, caring for their parents as well as their kids.”

“As a basic first step, working in close collaboration with the provinces,” said King, “we’ll create a national home care program, providing 100,000 more Canadian families with access to home care.”

“Canada’s senior citizens built this country, and we are all in their debt. It’s time for a Prime Minister who will repay that debt.”

It's a big issue that's only going to get bigger as the Baby Boomers grow older, I'm glad someone's mentioned. However, on the other hand, it does seem to be further evidence that this election seems to be about everything , and nothing, at the same time.


In regards to yesterday's entry about the supposed "mounting evidence" that Frank Valeriote "staged a canvas" broadcast on the CPAC program Campaign Politics and Christian Conservative's warning to "fess up" and "come clean" because "the media has been sniffing around."

Well, goof that I am, I went straight to the source. I called CPAC today and talked to Jenn Thomlinson in their media office. She says that they've received no complaint or question about the validity of the segment and thus there is currently no investigation into it. Now I know CC's "preparing his letter," so I guess time will tell.

And incidentally, and anecdotally, as I was explaining this story to my mom and my sister today, they told me that when Gloria Kovach canvased our house a few weeks ago, she knew our names thanks to a list. And where would she get such a list? My sister's a Liberal Party supporter and both my mother and me are independents. Hm. Who would have a list of potential voters and where they live? It's almost like some group, let's call them.... Elections Canada, would keep that kind of information so that they can compile some kind of series of names who are people that voted in the last election... let's call it a voter's list.

Anyway, this concludes my interest in this issue. Unless, of course, it turns out that Frank Valeriote turns out to be the kind of ineffectual super-villain, like Egg Head or King Tut from the old Batman show, that CC seems to think he is.


Christian Conservative said...

Just so you know, all registered candidates, in every riding, get a copy of the voters list.

So yes, John Turmell has all their information too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's a BIG list, too

3 big boxes of pages I had when I ran in '06

Mike Wisniewski