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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Good News Everyone...

I always loved that line from Futurama. Professor Farnsworth would always utter those words right before sending the Planet Express ship crew on some borderline suicidal delivery mission.

Here, I use "Good News Everyone" because Stephen Harper woke up this morning, left for Rideau Hall, saw his shadow and now we have six more weeks of an election.

This is what Harper had to say for himself following his visit to the Governor-General: "Between now and Oct. 14, Canadians will choose a government to look out for their interests at a time of global economic trouble. They will choose between direction or uncertainty; between common sense or risky experiments; between steadiness or recklessness."

Here's what St├ęphane Dion had to say this morning: "Stephen Harper formed the most conservative government in our history [...] The words 'fight against poverty' have yet to cross the lips of Mr. Harper. With this conservative ideology, Canadians are left to fend for themselves."

He also told CTV News that "I love being the underdog. I love being underestimated, but don't say so, because then I will stop being underestimated."

As for Jack Layton, the Montreal Gazette noted that Layton is of the opinion that the NDP can form the next government. "Yes, it's possible. We are in the process of proposing to Canadians . . . that it's the time to have a prime minister that listens to them and knows the issues and challenges in their daily lives and who will focus on their concerns every day."

So now, we no longer have to play the waiting game. Nothing's on hold. I do feel sorry for all the campaign volunteers here in Guelph though. They've put so much into their campaigns and maxed out their free time and energy, only to have the rug pulled out from under them the day before. The Guelph Mercury had a great article about the costs of the canceled by-elections last week.

As for the fate of this forum, I'll keep going too. I'll still call it the "Guelph By-Election Blog" because it's a brand now and I still want people to find me. But stayed tuned here and in Echo for all the latest election poop from my point of view.

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