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Friday, May 23, 2014

This is Guelph's Slate for the 2014 Provincial Election....

The nomination period for candidates to declare themselves to run in the 2014 Ontario General Election is over. Nominations closed yesterday, so if you were waiting to get those last couple of signatures together, too bad, you'll have to wait till the next provincial election. So come June 12, you'll have to choose between one of five of the following politicians to represent you at Queen's Park...

  1. Juanita Burnett - Communist Party of Ontario
  2. James Gordon - New Democratic Party of Ontario
  3. Anthony MacDonald - Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
  4. Liz Sandals - Liberal Party of Ontario
  5. Mike Schreiner - Green Party of Ontario
  6. Blair Smythe - Libertarian Party of Ontario
To find out if you're on the voters list or to get more information about the election, go to Elections Ontario's website at wemakevotingeasy.ca.

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