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Monday, May 5, 2014

New Man in the Mayor's Race

Oh yeah, there's still a municipal election too. Another name appeared on the ballot today for the local mayoral race, and it's Joseph St. Denis, and unless I'm mistaken, you may know him better as "Shoeless Joe." The anti-consumerism advocate is the fifth person to make a run for the top job at city hall.
Shoeless Joe made some news a couple of years ago with his unique form of protest against our hyper-consumer culture, walking around barefoot. It started in the summer of 2010 when St. Denis said he tried to find cheap, ethical and made-in-North America shoes, and when that proved even more difficult than you think, he just decided to go shoeless all the time. It got him into some trouble when he tried to buy alcohol at the Old Quebec Street LCBO in February 2011.
St. Denis joins a mayor's race that includes incumbent Karen Farbridge, Ward 4 Councillor Cam Guthrie, business owner John Legere and the mysterious Nicholas A. Ross. Nominations close September 11. The municipal election is on October 27. 

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