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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gibson Makes Ward 1 a Race

Proving that the provincial election isn't slowing down the municipal race too much, a new name declared itself for the city council ballot this fall, and they're aiming to represent Ward 1. Everyone, welcome scientist and small business owner Dan Gibson to the 2014 Municipal Election.

“I’m humbled by the challenge, but am truly excited to announce my candidacy for Ward 1 City Council,” said Gibson in a statement on his website. “My wife and I are proud to live here, proud to raise our family here, and we believe our concerns are commonly shared in Ward 1. I want to serve and advocate for our community on Council.”
Gibson's platform comes down to five words: "Ward 1 Won't Be Ignored." One hears shades of Bev Izzillo-Ustation's mayoral race battle cry from 2006, "It's my turn now," but Gibson is serious about attacking, what he feels, is the overwhelming apathy of council towards the east end of the city.
“[C]ommercial business growth in East Guelph is lacking, and residents are frustrated with not having their questions answered, their emails responded to, and their phone calls returned,” Gibson added.
So far, the only other declared candidate in Ward 1 is labour advocate Terry O'Connor. There's still no word on whether or not current Ward 1 councillors Bob Bell or Jim Furfaro intend on standing for re-election. 
Nominations for mayor and city council close on September 11; municipal election day is October 27.

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