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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Presidential Appointment (Sorta)

You'd think an appearance by the President of the United States on the University of Toronto campus would be newsworthy. Look, Obama even met with a community blogger while he was there. Seriously though, the gentleman with me in this picture is actually Louis Ortiz, AKA: Bronx Obama.
Over the last few weeks, I've been very busy covering Hot Docs, the documentary film festival that happens in Toronto every spring. While working in the media centre, I met Ortiz and Ryan Murdock, director of the documentary Bronx Obama. Having seen the film, I congratulated them on their fine work and then asked to get a photo with Mr. Ortiz. The result is posted above. 
It's kind of funny, to be star-struck by a guy that pretends to my the President. One wonders what my reaction might if I were to bump into the actual Obama. Maybe I would faint.
Bronx Obama will screen twice at Hot Docs. After that, I'm sure it will screen at other festivals and get some kind of release at some point, whether that's theatrical, or through a video on demand or streaming service. If you happen to come across it though, it's well worth your time. It tells the fascinating story of Ortiz who was a laid off technician for Verizon when, in 2008, Barack Obama made history as the 44th President of the United States. The film follows Ortiz as he goes from an Obama look alike appearing in internet comedy sketches and music videos to a full-blown presidential impersonator as part of a political comedy tour.
You can read my review on We Got This Covered.

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