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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's This...?

Something strange happened yesterday, I someone in a hard hat on the Gummer Building construction site. And today, there's new fencing up, sounds of tools clanging, and is the crane in a different position than it was once in? I think it might be, which could mean that after nearly three years of going nowhere fast, the construction along Douglas St on the (should be by now) newly refurbished Gummer Building is underway once more.
I think the hows and whys of the Gummer reconstruction and ceasing there of have been pretty well covered by myself and others, so let me just take a moment to utter a sigh of relief. I know the people that live and work along there will be glad to be rid of the eyesore that is the hollowed out husk of a building with its new skeleton, that was supposed to be the start of a building. And let's not forget the ugly construction fence that was slowly getting uglier due to neglect. Given the fact that I see it every day, to me, economic recovery really begins when construction on this site gets back into a full swing. Here's hoping.

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