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Thursday, June 23, 2011

James Gordon Gets Nastee

I enjoy the "From the Editors" blog on the Guelph Mercury website. It ofter offers very interesting insight into the behind the scenes process of putting out the daily paper. 
I noticed a post the other day where a letter from singer,songwriter, Provincial NDP candidate James Gordon was posted, suggesting that the touchy subject matter of his new musical Nasteé Business (hint it's about a local business that also has an 'e' with an accent aigu in its name) was preventing the paper from providing coverage. Managing Editor Phil Andrews asserted that this was not the case, and as it turned out, the whole thing had to do with a miscommunication where in someone assigned to spread the word about the play ended up dropping the ball.
So all's well that ends well, and now I do my part to promote this local production. Not because its Gordon's and he's now a local politician, but because it sounds interesting and its always good to invest time and support local arts. Here's the lowdown on Nasteé Business. 
Nasteé Business is James Gordon's new musical play. An innovative multi-media full-length production, Nasteé Business examines the growing tensions between disparate elements in our modern society: corporations and activists, consumers and environmentalists, those who put the money first and those who cherish and nurture our most sacred resource: water. An entertaining work of fiction loosely based on the campaign to stop the water-taking permit of a certain multi-national corporation, the play asks the question "How can we all get on the same side?" It features actors, singers, giant puppets, contemporary dance sequences, video, karaoke, 15 original songs, spoken-word and hip hop pieces and audience participation!
This is Gordon's 3rd major musical, eagerly anticipated after the success of his earlier folk opera "Hardscrabble Road" and his Hillbilly musical version of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' "Tryst and Snout".
The songwriter/playwright/producer/activist and aspiring politician is joined onstage by an exciting young cast including Gabriella Sundar Singh, Jenikz, Kevin Sutton, Julia Krauss, Tanya Williams, puppeteer Deb Murray and special guests. Designed by Barb Bryce. For information, contact James Gordon.
DATES: June 28, 29, 30
LOCATION: Guelph Little Theatre, 176 Morris Street
TICKETS: $25 dollars, or $15 if you are a starving artist or you are hard up

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