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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Valeriote Three Times Critical

Behold! The first press release from Frank Valeriote's second term as Guelph's MP.
For Immediate Release
Ottawa – Recognizing Guelph as the epicenter for agricultural and food research in Canada and home to Linamar and numerous other auto parts manufacturers, today Liberal Leader Bob Rae appointed Guelph MP Frank Valeriote to three critic portfolios: Agriculture and Agri-Food, Rural Affairs and Auto Policy.
As a member of the Agriculture and Agri-Food committee Valeriote constantly brought experts from Guelph to Ottawa to testify on important matters concerning the competitiveness of Canadian farms and other farming and agri food issues. Valeriote has also worked diligently with agricultural organizations and experts from Guelph towards the development of a national food policy and a better understanding of farm and food issues.
As the former Chair of the Liberal Auto Caucus Valeriote fought hard to save thousands of jobs in the Canadian auto sector and helped to successfully prevent the closure of 13 automobile dealerships, including one in Guelph.
Guelph MP Frank Valeriote said “I’m delighted to have been made the Liberal critic for Agriculture and Agrifood, Rural Policy and Auto Policy. In these roles I will continue to rely on Guelph-based expertise to fight to keep Canadian farms and the Canadian auto industry vital and competitive. I will also fight to make sure we thoroughly review the benefits and risks associated with newly recommended agriculture and agrifood policy coming from the Agriculture and Agri Food Committee to ensure it is to the benefit of producers and consumers alike.”
Valeriote continued “when I was elected I pledged to bring the voices of the people of Guelph to Ottawa and I will continue to rely on Guelph based experts and organizations to help shape national agricultural, food, rural and auto policy.”

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