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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things I Read in Metro Today

I like Metro. I pick it up whenever I'm in Toronto (like I was this morning for a press screening of an upcoming movie). To me, it's a sign that the newspaper industry isn't as nearly deflated as the wags would have us believe. Every issue downtown in the subway stations is gone by noon, and that's despite the fact that a lot of Metro is re-edited, re-formatted, and re-hashed bits for the TorStar News Service.
So as I was flipping through today's issue, I had a number of reactions to some of the stories within. I thought it might be fun to put a few of those to the digital page. If you have an issue of today's Toronto Metro, feel free to follow along. 
PG 3 - "Road tolls 'not going to happen'" - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his war on people without cars continues, as his brother Coun. Doug Ford confirms that toll roads are "off the table" as a way to raise funds for the City's subway plans. I'm not for or against toll roads, but it always seems irresponsible to me to take any revenue options off the table. Especially when you've already taken option number one - tax increases - completely off the table. 
PG 5 - "Camera did not go off in Tory's pants: Party" - Tory Candidate George Lepp had his Blackberry stolen and someone posted a picture of a live male phallus on his Twitter feed, but an erroneous report said that the camera went off in his pants and then posted the picture to his feed accidentally. To me, that's the "magic bullet" theory of social media posting, but it gave New Democrat Peter Kormos a chance to get on his soapbox in Queens Park and demand that the speaker band Blackberries from the chamber. Silly season in the campaign has begun, and "Penisgate" is its name.
PG 5 - Photo Cap: Further proof that politicians need to stop playing dress up for the camera

PG 9 - "Royal couple's tour bypasses Toronto" - How dare they! Doesn't the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge know how important Toronto is, and that it's the Centre of the Universe? Come on! They're stopping in Charlottetown, PEI for two days, apparently because the Duchess is a big fan of Anne of Green Gables. Sure, nice spin Buckingham Palace!
PG 11 - "Girls' guide to surviving NHL playoffs" - Oh, our boyfriends and husbands are perpetually obsessed with hockey and its the Stanley Cup finals. What are we going to do? How will we deal with the rowdiness and excitement?! Really, we're still doing this? Please, I know women who get just as excited, if not more excited, about hockey as man. What a tired stereotype. 
PG 13 - "CityTV shows off its talent" - And most of it is American-made except for two shows: Canada's Got Talent, and Secret Millionaire Canada. Nice.
PG 14 - Drive Angry DVD Review - Peter Howell's review is pretty spot on with my opinion of the film.
PG 17 - "Jones won't snitch on her baby-daddy" - Matthew Vaughn's got a hot movie coming out this weekend, but he's in hot water at home with accusations that he's the father of X-Men: First Class star January Jones' baby. Of course, it's hard to feel sorry for the guy that's apparently traded Claudia Schiffer for January Jones, but...
PG 28 - Blue Jays pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes avoids becoming the losingest pitcher in MLB history. He'll have to settle for being tied for worst with Oakland's Matt Keough and Boston's Cliff Curtis. Reyes' last win was June 13th, 2008. 
PG 31 - Today's sudoku was ridiculously easy. Finished it in 10 minutes.

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