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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Campaign Update

A lot of campaign news floating about today, one bit I uncovered myself and the other came as a bit of surprise.

First, the surprise as Ward 2 Coun. Ian Findlay threw his hat into the ring for re-election, joining his previously announced colleague Vicki Beard in the 2010 race. Both Findlay and Beard are the only candidates that have yet declared for Ward 2. Team Findlay sent out a statement to coincide with his announcement:

Ian Findlay announces candidacy for Ward 2 City Councillor

GUELPH, ON (May 20, 2010) - Guelph Ward 2 City Councillor Ian Findlay announces his campaign for re-election to Guelph City Council Thursday morning.

During the current council term, Ian brought transparency, accountability and accessibility to City Hall. Ian has worked hard to bring as many points of view to the forefront with the Ward 2 blog. He's particularly proud of the fact that the Ward 2 Blog has become the "go to" place for community dialog on a variety of topics with over 200,000 views.

As a councillor, working with members of the community has been a passion for Ian, exemplified by the timely action and leadership with the re-development of the Guelph Youth Music Parking Lot project.

Ian continued to facilitate community dialog and discussion with the 14 town hall meetings that he co-hosted with his fellow Ward 2 Councillor.

Additionally, as I was interviewing Councillors Leanne Piper and Lise Burcher for the Ward 5 segment of "Better Know a Ward", both councillors stated their intention to run again in 2010. (Although they've technically yet to declare officially.)

"Many of the initiatives that you begin in 2006, you can't see through in four years," said Piper in response to being asked about re-election. "Two terms of council, I think, are a minimum in order to feel satisfied that you've made a difference and you've seen through your vision into action. So yes, I'm running again."

"Absolutely, I plan on running again," responded Burcher. "And having been there another term I have to say that several of the large initiatives we've talked about started two terms ago. But I think the exciting thing now is that there have been so many initiatives in the last two terms, I would venture that it's 10, 12 year outcome for a lot of those larger things to even get to the starting stage."

Read more from Piper in Burcher in the "Better Know a Ward - Ward 5" to be published in the May 27th issue of Echo Weekly, a week from tomorrow.

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