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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fuzzy Math

Well, the month's almost over, which means that we can soon get back to the normal business of riding the bus in an effecient and timely manner: 20 minute runs, Sunday service, making your transfers, the whole shabang.

But before that, there's one final bit of curiosity that occured to me. Every bus stop in town has a schedule and map with the approximent times that the bus is supposed to arrive at that stop, as well as the Next Stop code in case you want the "real time" arrival of the bus. Well, by the time the buses go back to the 20 minute plus Sunday schedule after Labour Day, those slips of paper will have been changed three times in the last four months.

So here's where the fuzzy math comes in: How much did it cost to print all those new schedules, and how much does it cost in man power and equipment to go around the city and change them all in short order with each schedule change? I bear no illusions that the cost of this extra work would be equal to or greater than the amount spent on a Sunday's worth of transit service, but still the cost must be nothing to sneeze at.

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