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Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's a Body. No it's Not. But Maybe....

Despite a report earlier this week that a sinkhole in Baker Street has nothing to do with another misplaced body from the days over a century ago when that area was a cemetery, the London archaeological team that made the call are taking a mulligan.

Today's Guelph Mercury is saying, Whoa. Hold up. It appears that there was a grave under the sinkhole as remains - one bone and one bone fragment to be precise - seem to indicate it was an infant no older than four weeks. The remains will be reinterred in the pioneer section of Woodlawn Memorial Park, according to the article.

As much as this is a sad reminder of infant mortality nearly a century and half ago, but it remains a fascinating reminder of the history that lies under our feet (and roads). And keeping this in mind, I did enjoy this quote from the article:

Guelph Operations director Derek McCaughan said it is an accepted fact there remain occupied graves under Baker Street and the adjacent municipal parking lot.

“We’re well aware of that,” McCaughan said, adding the city “expects to encounter additional graves” when it ultimately moves ahead with the Baker Street redevelopment project.

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