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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

UPDATED --- Better Know a Ward is Returning

So to all of you wondering, there has been some movement on the continuence of the "Better Know a Ward" series front.


Okay. So I wanted to wait till it was a done deal to unveal who and where BTAW was picking up. So I just got back from City Hall, where I interviewed said councillors, and I can reveal that the next edition of Better Know a Ward will feature Ward 6 councillors Christine Billings and Karl Wettstein.

So what's next? Check out the May 6th edition of Echo Weekly for the actual BKAW column, and then click over to this site here for the audio version.


This Thursday I will be meeting two city councillors and talking about their ward, their issues, and their plans for the rest of their term (and beyond?). If you've been following along, then you know that Wards 1 through 3 are already in the done column, so by process of elimination that leaves 4 through 6.

I won't tell you is being interviewed, but you are however free to guess (1 in 3 chance, can't beat those odds). The next "Better Know a Ward" will comprise the May 6th edition of "Guelph Beat" in Echo Weekly. On that same day, I'll be putting the full audio interview on Politico.

Stay Tuned.

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