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Monday, April 12, 2010

Answers Soon in Washroom Death

Some time ago, one of you out there in blog land asked if there was any news on what happened last summer concerning young Isabel Warren who died when a wall collapsed in southend washroom last spring.

The Mercury had an update in today's edition. Long story short: the province is currently wrapping up their investigation and it should be ready to release its findings in a month. The city has completed its own, independent investigation but they can't release details until after the province releases their findings.

“The field work is completely over. Now we’re reviewing the information and determining whether to take any action,” [Ministry spokesperson Bruce Skeaff] said.


“The investigation is still underway with the province, and until that has been finalized we can’t pre-empt the province. They still have the responsibility for the investigation,” [City of Guelph Chief Administrative Officer Hans Loewig] said.

“We can’t release anything until the province has fulfilled their responsibilities and they direct us on it.”

More news as it happens...

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