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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Glimpse at the Future of Transit

Today, the City posted several artistic renderings of what the new transit hub at Carden and Wyndham will look like when it's finished. Check it out:

Additionally, there was this more official looking plan of how the new transit hub is going to layout the blue marks are spots for city buses, the green marks are for out of town buses like Go Transit and Greyhound.

What else are we to expect:
  • The interior iof the VIA rail station on Carden Street will be renovated
  • The exisintg Greyhound bus terminal will be removed
  • The City will build a new bus platform and waiting area, new public washrooms and new stairs and elevator for pedestrians travelling between the north side and the south side of the rail tracks from Neeve Street
  • VIA and Greyhound service will be maintained throughout construction
  • Parking will not be available at the VIA station or on Carden Street during construction
I'm kind of sad to see the old Greyhound station go, but it'll be nice to get a modern transit hub in this city. Now if we can just find the magic formula to get more people to evolve past the single-occupant car...

To check out more about the transit hub click here.

1 comment:

spook said...

Oh goodness, those public washrooms are exceptionally ugly. I really hope they don't look like that when they go up.