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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guelph Remastered, or get ready for 4 times more construction this year over last

Yes kids, you read that right. Straight from the mouth of Chief Administrative Officer Hans Loewig comes confirmation that this coming year's construction will be four-times more busy than last year's. Or, to put it another way, that's five years worth of construction crammed into one calendar year. If that boggles your mind, then you're probably in a good head space to read on and learn what the city's doing about it.

At a media briefing this morning, city officials including Mayor Karen Farbridge, Loewig, and Manager of Corporate Communications Tara Sprigg laid out several points that they hope will alleviate the stress of rampant road work in the City of Guelph. Once again, this construction, which is focused on fixing roads and the replacement of sewers and watermains, is brought to you by the $48 million in stimulus funds from the Feds and the Province. In all, 25 projects have to be completed by March 2011.

First, it'll be the downtown that gets hit the most once again. The bridge on Wyndham next to the train station will be getting a facelift and, according to Loewig, the whole of Carden Street will be impacted as well. Especially hard hit will be the corner of Wilson and Carden, a fact which the city has been preparing businesses for since last September. Paisley and Norfolk should remain open, but the truth of the matter is construction will be city wide.

So how will the city keep citizenry and businesses informed? Get ready for the charm offensive:
  • The City's tagline for the informational campaign: "It'll be worth it."
  • Starting next week, an information insert will be sent out to Guelph homes via the Mercury and the Tribune
  • That will be followed up with regular print/radio/web updates as the city will try to keep citizens up-to-date through local media
  • The City's website will be the main hub for updated information; as well people can report a construction problem or submit a question through the web
  • Regular meetings with businesses to share info
  • Way-finding signage to help people with the detours
  • And to keep things light, a contest. Residents will be able to share their best construction-related story in 200 words for the chance to win one of 10 GPS systems
So, in other words, get ready! Construction season will get underway either late March or early April. Weather permitting.

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