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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Graffiti: Not Just for Whippersnappers anymore....

In looking for tidbits for next week's edition of Guelph Beat, I came across this headline in the Guelph Mercury:

"83-year-old man charged with hate crime"

Wait, it gets better:

"An 83-year-old city man has been charged in connection to anti-Semitic graffiti and symbols scrawled in the span of two years on the walls of several local buildings."

Long story short, he's been charged with five counts of mischief under $5,000 and another charge of willful promotion of hate. That has a maximum of two years behind bars attached to it if you're found guilty.

If any thing, you have to admire the old guy's commit to the spread of racism and hate seeing as how he's been connected to incidents from Stone Road Mall to Meadowvale Garden Centre to Riverside Park’s Enabling Gardens to Wal-Mart. So pretty much from one end of town to the next.

But in all seriousness, there is no excuse for the spread of racial hate in this day and age

The accused, Max Mahr, will be back in court on February 5th.

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