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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make Guelph Part of a Monopoly

The makers of the board game Monopoly are coming out with a 75th anniversary Canadian edition this summer, and they're looking for the citizenry of Canadian cities from one end of the country to the other to the other to stuff the ballot box for their town to get one of 22 slots on the Board. Guelph is one of 65 cities already listed on the website monopolyvote.ca, but write in votes are acceptable.

The two cities that get the most votes will get the distinguished localities typically taken up by Park Place and Boardwalk, while the dubious distinction of subbing for Baltic and Mediterranean avenues will be decided by a wild card vote.

Obviously there's a lot of passion and interested in getting Guelph a place of honour on a Monopoly Board. The Mayor herself, in addition to getting out the vote, has suggested that maybe the Guelph Junction Railway deserves a place of distinction on the new board as well.

So let's all head to Monopoly Votes right now, register, and vote as often as you can to get Guelph all the way to Baltic or Mediterranean. Voting closes on February 7th. And if you think that sounds impossible, remember last year at this time when we almost got this guy to Australia.

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