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Friday, June 3, 2016

OPEN SOURCES GUELPH BEAT #4 - City Councillor Phil Allt (Ward 3)

Jan Hall calls him "The Philosopher," his former students call him "Mr. Allt," but the constituents of Ward 3 call him "Councillor." Or "Phil." Actually, they probably more likely call him "Phil." He's Phil Allt, City Councillor for Ward 3, and he recently appeared on Open Sources Guelph on CFRU as part of our sincere effort to welcome all members of city council into the studio for a friendly chat.

Scotty Hertz and I have been interested in getting all members of city council to come by CFRU and talk about what they're doing, the current events before the horseshoe, and the things coming up that they're focused on. This has been easier said than done, and so far only two have been able to stop by. Ward 1 Councillor Dan Gibson was the first; Phil Allt was the second.
When Allt appeared on the show on May 5, a number of contentious things had just happened. The small matter of anonymous leaks from closed council meetings has been aired in an open session, Guelph Transit had just cut peak service for the summer, and concerns about Community Energy began to make rumblings. We touch on all that this interview, plus Allt's new ongoing community engagement project every Thursday morning at Breezy Corners. 
So let's catch up with Allt in this latest edition of Open Sources Guelph Beat.

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For updates on special guests coming up on future episodes of Open Sources Guelph, you can visit the show's website here. For now, we can announce that Ward 5 Councillor Cathy Downer will be joining us on June 16.
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