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Friday, May 6, 2016

RECAP: Mayor Guthrie Delivers Annual State of the City at Chamber Breakfast

An annual event put on by the Chamber of Commerce, this morning it was Mayor Cam Guthrie's chance to tell us about the State of the City, and to be succinct, the State of the City is strong.
After weeks of reports about behind the scenes dysfunction among city council, Guthrie wanted to send out a strong message that not only is the city functioning, and not only does council agree far more than it disagrees, but the City is also making tremendous progress on a number of fronts. Phrased like a job performance review, Guthrie's addressed focused on citizen expectations of government, successes the city's enjoying and plans for the immediate future.
You can listed to the raw audio from the speech below courtesy of Soundcloud.

You can watch the speech here:

Or you can follow the live tweets from this morning via Spotify.

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