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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Press Release - New Mayor's Blog Launched

Having an active internet presence is key for any modern politician looking to get his or her message out to the masses, not to mention keeping their community up-to-date with key points of information. Mayor Cam Guthrie is no stranger to this idea, and during his political tenure he's been active on Facebook and Twitter and maintained a news blog for his Ward 4 constituents. Eager not to lose that connection to the people, Guthrie and the City of Guelph has just announced the launch of the new Mayor's mayor's blog. Details and links to follow.
Check out the press release with all links to Mayor's blog and social media feeds below:
GUELPH, ON, January 28, 2015 – Mayor Cam Guthrie has launched a blog at mayorguthrie.com.
“I’m looking forward to sharing my perspectives on local issues from where I sit as the mayor of Guelph,” said Mayor Guthrie. “As mayor, I want to be accessible to people and have respectful discussions on the issues that matter to them. For many people, social media is the best way to have those discussions.”

Blog posts will be linked on Mayor Guthrie’s Facebook page at facebook.com/mayorcamguthrie and Twitter feed (@camguthrie), for those who prefer to follow through those channels. Readers can also follow the blog via e-mail by subscribing at mayorguthrie.com.

“It’s going to be an important and exciting four years for Guelph City Council. I invite everyone to join the conversation through my blog. Tell me what you think and where you want to see our city going,” said Mayor Guthrie.

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