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Thursday, April 11, 2013

City Budget Available to Parse For Yourself Online

Every year, the creation of the city budget is a contentious and difficult process, but after it's all said and done and voted on, it seems it's just kind of forgotten about till the debate over the next year's budget begins, or some sort of malfeasance regarding something in the budget being misspent comes to light. 
Perhaps the city's trying to change that by letting by letting people access the budget anytime, anywhere (so long as you have internet access and/or are in one of the city's public libraries). The city announced yesterday that they've posted the 2013 budget online, and if currently awaits budget hawks of all stripes in 10 easy and convenient to download pdfs on the City of Guelph website.
You can follow the links below in this press release from the City of Guelph:
GUELPH, ON, April 10, 2013 – The Council-approved 2013 budget for the City of Guelph is now available online at guelph.ca/budget.
“My colleagues on City Council and I are working hard to ensure Guelph residents and businesses receive the highest quality, most affordable and efficient services from their local government,” says Mayor Karen Farbridge. “This budget helps us deliver on our mission to build an exceptional city by providing outstanding municipal service and value.”
Aligned with the three focus areas of the City’s strategic plan—organizational excellence, innovation in local government, and city building—the budget allows the City to invest in strategic initiatives designed to strengthen how the City works, and continue upgrading Guelph’s aging roads, water and wastewater systems, buildings, parks, trails, trees and other infrastructure.
“We will continue delivering the programs and services we know are working well for our community and look for ways to avoid costs and improve efficiencies,” says Al Horsman, Chief Financial Officer. “We’re also looking ahead and making key investments to ensure the City is prepared to continue serving this growing and increasingly diverse community.”
The $185,187,614 budget represents a 2.97 per cent tax increase over 2012: 2.04 per cent to fund existing municipal services, and a further 0.93 per cent to implement strategic initiatives including the Corporate Energy Management Plan, Corporate Technology Strategic Plan, and the Guelph Community Wellbeing Plan.
Print copies of all budget documents will be available for viewing at City Hall and local library branches by the end of the month.

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