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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Different Reaction to Thatcher's Death

Your grandmother probably once told you not to speak ill of the dead, and if you've seen the media coverage of the death of Margaret Thatcher, then you know they're working very hard to do grandma proud. Not so much in Brixton.
While it's nice to take time on the occasion of someone's death to perhaps consider the good they did out front, I think today's media culture is to eager to play favourites and not indulge in even legitimate criticism of that person's life. Thatcher was accomplished, and she was a trailblazer, but she was also famously called "Thatcher the Milk Snatcher" because she had free milk taken out of U.K. public schools, and she also introduced a poll tax in order to fulfill her ideological bent against the notion of income tax. If memory serves it was one of the reasons her own party showed her the door after three consecutive victories.
But having said, perhaps the people of Brixton took matters a bit too far after hearing the news yesterday. See the video below.

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