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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Revolution is Now on Facebook

The Carden Street situation seems to be this season's cause célèbre in the Royal City. There was a "Buy Mob" (a Flash Mob where you show up and buy stuff) earlier today, and that's follow all the media attention last week with the protest by Little Shop of Guitars owners The Raso Brothers involving Led Zepplin and a pair of speakers pointed at City Hall.
But because nowindays, the revolution isn't real until its been pimped on social media, the Zepled protest now has its own Facebook page called Carden St. and Led Zeppelin vs. The City Of Guelph. Feel free to request to join the group and follow along. I have a feeling that this may the thing this summer. The "thing" being the thing we talk about all summer. (We'll wait and see what happens next.)
In the meantime, rock on Carden Street! 

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Kosta Gligorijevic said...

Wonderful stuff. Carden street seems to be turning into a much smaller version of Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto. Or Bloor Street. Or Dixie Road. At least we can hope that carden street businesses will profit from the works in the end.